Hans Förstl


Bailey A: Zombies Support Biological Theories of Consciousness

Baldwin JM:Consciousness and Evolution

Block N: Mental Paint

Block N: On a Confusion about a Function of Consciousness

Broad CD: Mind and its Place in Nature

Crick C, Koch C: Towards a Neurobiological Theory of Consciousness

Davies M, Coltheart M: Pathologies of Belief

Dewey J: The Ego as Cause

Fodor JA:  The Modularity of Mind

Fuller HS: Why Babe Ruth is the Greatest Home-Run Hitter

Funkhauser E: Do the Self-Deceivers Get what they Want?

Gallagher S: Neurocognitive Models of Schizophrenia

Jaynes J: The Problem of Consciousness

Honderich T: Seeing Things

James W: Are we Automata ?

James W: Consciousness of Lost Limbs

Katz DI: Minimally Conscious States

Koch C, Crick F: On the Zombie within

Lormand E: Inner Sense until Proven Guilty

Martin M: On being Alienated

Martin M: Uncovering Appearances

Murphy D: Darwin in the Madhouse

Nagel T: What is it like to be a Bat?

Nichols S: Reading one's own Mind

Pryor J: Immunity to Error through Misidentification

Puffer Howes E: Accepting the Universe

Robbins P: Kowing me, Knowing you

Searle J: Biological Naturalism

Searle J: Is the Brain a Digital Computer?

Schwitzgebel E: Why did we Thing we Dreamed in Black and White?

Siegel S: Misperception

Skinner BF: Superstition in the Pigeon

Skokowski P: I, Zombie

Smythies J: Biochemical Basis of Coma

Smythies J: Space, Time, and Consciousness

Swinderen B van: Remote Roots of Consciousness in Fruit-Fly ...

Tonneau F: Consciousness Outside the Head

Velmans M: How Could Conscious Experiences Affect Brains?